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Mobile Insurance Valet Services

Construction, roading, and industrial operations can result in accidents where concrete, chemicals, or paint ends up on the car or vehicle of a third party. Our mobile insurance valet services can help as we provide a cost-effective solution that won’t cause further damage to the vehicle.

Construction, Roading, and Insurance

Mobile Hand’s franchisees across New Zealand are insurance-approved for the removal of concrete and paint over-spray from vehicles. We can also deal with you directly if you need similar work completed without the involvement of an insurance company. For a fast and reliable service, contact us today.

Concrete and Paint Over-Spray Removal

At Mobile Hand, we use the latest equipment, cleaning products, and the skills of our owner-operated franchisees to remove concrete and paint over-spray from cars and other vehicles.

To discuss your requirements, find out more, and get a quote, get in touch today.

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