Ensure the best sale price with pre-sale grooming

Whether you’re selling your vehicle privately or taking it to a public auction or car fair, a pre-sale groom will significantly enhance the look of your vehicle, giving you a much better chance of a higher sale price.

You benefit from our expert car grooming

Put yourself in your potential buyer’s shoes – would you pay top dollar for a dirty, messy car?  Probably not!

Mobile Hand offers a full clean and detail inside and out, so your vehicle has the ‘wow factor’ again, and when you sell, you get to reap the rewards!

Great affordable rates for everyone

Choose from the range of car cleaning packages here.

Mobile Hand has extensive experience with dealerships and auction houses so if you’re a dealer or have multiple cars requiring cleaning, contact us for great affordable rates.


Sign up for at least 12 months of regular maintenance grooms and get a 13th maintenance groom free!

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