Professional corporate vehicle cleaning and fleet grooming services

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Do you have:

  • the need for a full service groom periodically with regular maintenance grooms?
  • a one off cleaning job of a large number of vehicles and need it done fast?
  • limited times available for access to your vehicles?
  • luxury corporate cars that need special treatment, or a fleet of dirty trucks that need the works?

Whatever your requirements are, we can meet them!

Experienced and reliable, the Mobile Hand teams are professional valet experts with any types of vehicles and they deliver outstanding results.

Enhancing the look and long term value of your corporate cars or fleet of vehicles

Keep your corporate cars or vehicle fleet in pristine condition with regular auto grooming and you will enhance not only their looks but the long term value too.

Ongoing maintenance by expert corporate car groomers like the Mobile Hand teams can save you expensive dollars in the future. Like engine maintenance, looking after the exterior paintwork, interior upholstery and other surfaces, ensures your vehicles remain in top condition for longer.

Punctual, skilled team who will meet your deadlines

If you make an appointment for a Mobile Hand corporate valet, you can trust us to be there exactly on time.

Mobile Hand ensure all their staff are professionally trained and skilled to carry out your valet requirements within the deadlines requested. If the deadlines are tight, we’ll send more staff, so that your vehicles are back on the road when you need them to be.

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Mobile Hand – available anytime, anywhere 7 days a week

Need a corporate valet now? Mobile Hand are available
anytime, anywhere, 7 days a week.
If we say we’ll be there,
we will. You can rely on us – everytime!

Strict quality control and 100% satisfaction guaranteed

While Mobile Hand has strict quality control procedures, the standard they aspire to is your 100% satisfaction that the completed job has exceeded your expectations.

Mobile Hand teams available in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington and Christchurch regions

Mobile Hand can send multiple people to a job if necessary in the Auckland and Waikato regions.  There are people awaiting your call in Wellington and Christchurch for thorough and efficient automotive interior maintenance. This means we can service your corporate cars or vehicle fleet with minimal interruption to your day – no matter where you’re based.

No contract necessary

It’s your choice whether you want a contract or not. We know our great service speaks for itself so there’s no need to tie you into an ongoing contract.

Contact us to arrange a trial. You will be 100% satisfied with the results!

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